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May 17, 2005

Caltech 6 MIT 1

One of my regrets is that I never took the time to get involved with "hacks" or "pranks" at Caltech.  Caltech has a rich tradition of "pranks" all the way from rigging the "Hollywood" sign to read "Caltech" to interrupting a Rose Bowl game

Some talented undergraduates recently took the time to do a prank on MIT's prefrosh weekend.  The pranks were nothing but ingenious.  You can read all about it here . . . my favorite pictures were the following:

Front Back

I got to admit I also enjoyed this one . . .


I fully expect the folks at MIT to retaliate - afterall that what its all about.  You can read more about the pranks as well as the ethics on which they should be done here.

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Posted by: siriuslek | Aug 13, 2007 4:10:26 PM

The link was dead, but I thought this prank you mention (the t-shirt prank) was two years old. MIT retaliated by stealing the Fleming Canon and moving it to Cambridge.

BTW, my father was at 'Tech for the Rose Bowl prank. I missed the Hollywood sign prank by two years, but I was friends with the guy who came up with that (they actually created an ASCIT club in order to fund it).

Great stuff. :-)

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